Company Profile: Genext Students Private Limited.

India and a developing education go hand in hand. Students are absolutely serious about making it big through education here. This is absolutely why a proper guide is completely necessary for them. With good tuition teachers, a student can flourish and reach heights. This is certainly what Genext believes in. It has thus made it easier for tutors to find Teaching Jobs in Mumbai without any obstacle.

This is an online platform, more of a medium that acts as a bridge between the students and their tutors. It also works on making the path easier for both to reach each other. A unique concept of technology and education, this site definitely rules the hearts of youth and their parents. Parents can now be less tense about their children’s education. They can access their growth rate online or through the apps.

Any Tuition Teacher in Mumbai looking for a job will not have to wait for long. Neither will they have to compromise on their fees or distance or timing anymore. This site will make things easier for them. They can enrol with Genext and upload all their features. There will be parents meeting the same criteria. And lo! There wait for a great job opportunity will be over.

All these are so easy and all thanks to Genext. They absolutely work towards making education system loving to all. Their awards represent their work completely. Started by the zestful team of Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud, Genext has managed to garner much love and attention. Of course, the position amongst the TOP 40 EDU-TECH start-ups in Asia Pacific (2015) is enough to vouch for it. Not to forget an economical contribution it has made as well. The RED HERRING TOP 100 ASIA COMPANIES award (2016) can also prove it.

Things become really easy with a better guide. Genext offers it with utter ease.